Other Resources

HIV / AIDS Online Links

CATIE (Canadian AIDS Treatment Exchange)

Canadian Treatment Action Council (CTAC)

Global Network of People Living with HIV / AIDS

Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development (ICAD)

Canadian AIDS Society
Lists CAS projects, events such as Canadian Skills Building Symposium and the AIDS Awareness Campaign, advocacy projects and resources such as Canadian AIDS organizations, Canadian hotlines, publications and links to other sites.

Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research
Description of research projects funded, upcoming events such as Red Ribbon Campaign, a newsletter and links to other Canadian AIDS sites.

Canadian HIV / AIDS Legal Network
A summery of policy and legal issues raised by AIDS, in regards to drugs, gays and lesbians, prostitution, care and treatment. Included is the HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Newsletter, the full text of reports and a listing of policy and law seminars and press releases.

Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network
Statistics and facts about HIV/AIDS in the aboriginal population.

Working to Empower
Multi-lingual Resources

HIV / AIDS Telephone Links

Alberta AIDS Hotline
1-800-772-1437 (24 hrs. Toll-Free)

HIV Information Line

Sexual Health Centre
Chinook Health Region
(403) 320-0110

Gay & Lesbian Peer Support

National AIDS Clearinghouse
(613) 725-9826

Lethbridge HIV Connection
(403) 328-8186
(Call collect if from out of town)
Fax: (403) 328-8564

STD Clinics
Calgary: (403) 297-6562
Edmonton: (780) 413-5156
Fort McMurray: (780) 791-6263

Government Of Canada

Alberta Family & Social Services

Alberta Planned Parenthood

Other Provincial Web Sites

HIV Edmonton

HIV North Society

Society Housing AIDS Restricted Persons (SHARP) Foundation

Southern Alberta HIV Program

AIDS Calgary

HIV West Yellowhead

Alberta Community Council on HIV

Catholic Social Services – Edmonton

Hepatitis C Online Links

CATIE Hepatitis C Info

Canadian Liver Foundation

Health Canada Hepatitis C

Alberta Health Addiction

Hepatitis C Telephone Links

The Hepatitis C Society Of Canada

Canadian Liver Foundation

Lethbridge HIV Connection
(403) 328-8186
(Call collect if from out of town)
Fax: (403) 328-8564

Harm Reduction Online Links

Harm Reduction Coalition
Committed to reducing drug-related harm

International Harm Reduction Association
An international professional association for individuals and communities concerned with the development of drug policies to reduce harm

Rave Safe
Offers research on drug use, awareness and harm

Harm Reduction Telephone Links

Lethbridge HIV Connection
(403) 328-8186
(Call collect if from out of town)
Fax: (403) 328-8564

Safeworks Calgary
(403) 221-8786

Streetworks Edmonton
(780) 424-4106

Street Smart Red Deer
(403) 346-8858

Hobbema Needle Exchange Program
(403) 585-3830