What is it?

The ARCHES Indigenous Recovery Coach Program is a peer-to-peer community-based and culturally informed recovery coach program, supporting adults undergoing opioid agonist therapy (OAT) for opioid addiction in Lethbridge. The program combines one-on-one community-based case management practices with culturally-focused healing and behaviour relapse prevention.

The program offers:

  • Recovery plans designed around the participants needs
  • A strength-based harm reduction approach to support
  • A focus on developing resources that support the participants recovery
  • Opportunities to create or recreate links to traditional Indigenous wellness activities
  • Connection to Indigenous Elders
  • Transition navigator services to connect participants to resources
  • Community wellness supports to participants (emotional, motivational, instrumental and community referral support)

What do Indigenous Recovery Coaches offer?

The Recovery Coaches focus on helping participants apply their newly acquired recovery skills in their living environment and help them resolve any issues or problems that can impact their recovery. Recovery Coaches also help participants stay engaged through their continuum of recovery, using techniques such as Motivational Interviewing and behavioral intervention practices. An Indigenous Recovery Coach functions the same as any other Recovery Coach, however, they approach this process from an Indigenous cultural lens.

Referral Process:

Indigenous adults who are starting/re-starting OAT for opioid addiction at Prairie Treatment Clinic will be automatically referred to the Indigenous Recovery Coach Program. If a client has not yet started OAT but has a desire to, they can enter into the Indigenous Recovery Coach Program and then be referred to the clinic.

Get in touch:

Email the Indigenous Recovery Coach team