Justice Services

The Justice Services program offers participants who come into contact with the law supports in navigating the legal system from the point of contact with police through sentencing and then through to jail and release as needed.

Often our clients are faced with the complexities of mental illness, addiction issues and cognitive disabilities that impair their ability to navigate and understand the justice system to its full extent. Participants often need help communicating with lawyers, understanding release conditions, advocacy for sentencing options and sometimes just general support in the courtroom to help with their fears and anxiety around being there.

The Justice Services Coordinator is able to attend lawyer meetings with participants, advocate to the crown and their lawyers for sentencing options that are most likely to have a positive impact on participant but also the community, visit participants in jail, offer supports to family members of the accused who may not understand the justice system, find out if participants have warrants and give them the options for dealing with their warrants and connect participants with any community supports that may be needed, etc. We also offer supports in criminal, family, domestic violence and sometimes traffic courts.

ARCHES also has great partnerships within the justice community and work together with the intention of breaking the cycle. We strive to ensure counselling, treatment and meaningful activities are available to support connection to healthy supports and relationships within the community.

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